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The Future of EHR: Automation, Interoperability, and Value

The Future of EHR: Automation, Interoperability, and Value

Now more than ever, technology has the potential to change every aspect of our lives. Given the current health crisis, our healthcare system is evolving to meet the current crisis which will shift into lasting changes. Electronic health records (EHR) are the digital version of your health records. Using EHR efficiently has enormous potential to change the landscape of the future of healthcare.

Electronic Health Records, or EHRs, are real-time, patient-centered records that are available to anyone that is authorized to see them. Patient electronic health records (EHRs) contain a wide range of medical information, including:

  • Medical histories
  • Diagnoses
  • Medications
  • Treatment plans
  • Immunization dates
  • Allergies
  • Radiology images
  • Laboratory test results

EHRs can enable intelligent evidence-based tools to help doctors make better, informed decisions on the best treatment for patients. When used proactively, EHRs help automate clinician workflows so that work is done more efficiently and the quality of care improves.

The Future of EHR Will Shift Into a Tool For Communication Between Healthcare Professionals

There are several important reasons that EHR have the potential to change the healthcare world for the better. For starters, there is interoperability. This allows patients and providers to provide access to health records no matter where they go. EHR can be moved from one medical setting to another to help with communication and relevant medical data. This allows doctors to communicate with other doctors and those who are conducting a test, pharmacies, medical imaging facilities, emergency facilities, and even school or workplace settings. Healthcare patients can confidently visit various healthcare providers, and trust that their medical records with travel with them.

The Data Stored In Your EHR System Will Help You Automate Processes and Decision Making

Hospitals collect vast amounts of data from patients, and EHR systems provide a way to store and organize this data. The data stored in your EHR system can then be used to start the process of automating your processes throughout your healthcare office. This occurs when the hospital’s IT and healthcare workflows are synced up.

The Future of EHR Will Increase Value for All

EHR can also significantly improve the quality of care that patients receive. When a doctor has access to the most current and complete healthcare record of a patient accessible, it allows them to make better decisions in regards to their treatment. This ultimately helps to improve the care and treatment that the patient receives.

Over the long-term, EHRs have the potential to save patients money. This can only occur once the EHR, like Epic or Cerner, has been successfully implemented and optimized. Once once this happens, there can be an efficient reduction of labor, and that will reduce the cost to provide healthcare to patients.


Electronic health records have the potential to change the landscape of the healthcare industry. They allow doctors to communicate better which can help provide better care to patients because doctors can make a better decision based on what the record is showing. EHR can also benefit patients by lowering the cost of medical care and make it easier for patients to bring their records from one doctor to another. Finally, EHR is beneficial for the hospitals with a sound data migration strategy, because they can better utilize the large amounts of data that they collect and can start to automate their system. As the technology behind EHR systems grows, they’ll quickly become the core operating foundation of any healthcare facility.

At ReMedi Health Solutions, we believe healthcare IT projects shouldn’t cause stress for physicians and staff. 

As trained clinicians, we recognize the need to create value using technology and data solutions that help hospitals and physicians provide better care for patients in a highly sustainable manner. Our EHR solutions coupled with our empathetic approach not only cuts costs and reduces expenses, but it allows for our clinically-driven resources to make a direct impact to your medical workflows. 

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