System Selection Advisory

ReMedi’s System Selection Advisory Services help an organization grasp the benefits of each system. ReMedi takes a clinical approach to address every potential question associate to a new EHR and ensures the organization confidently chooses the optimal technology. Our clinical knowledge is a critical component in leveraging the best possible system and building trust for the entire process.

Making the correct System Selection Advisory is the first step to ensuring your organization’s success. We apply our skill sets along with decades of knowledge and understanding into each system recommendation. ReMedi works hand in hand with your organization to make the correct decision. Our clinical experience separates us from our competition, which allows us confidence in every step of the process.

ReMedi strives itself on achieving your organization’s satisfaction. Our team has years of experience working with an organization with detailed project plans that alleviate the pressures of the implementation process. Our methodology has proven itself time and time again to meet an organization’s goals.

Physicians Leading Clinical Change Management

ReMedi’s clinical health IT team provides health systems a detailed assessment, considerations, and recommendations based on the current state analysis, interviews, and observations. This enables ReMedi to guide you towards selecting the right clinical system for your organization.

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