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The Virtual EHR Go-Live

Schedule a meeting with our team to learn more about how we provide virtual EHR support to hospitals and providers from our state-of-the-art Virtual Command Center. Use the form to submit an inquiry, our team will reach out to schedule a meeting. In our call, we’ll discuss:

  • The Virtual Command Center Model
  • How to Approach Virtual Go-Live & Support
  • Technology Stack
  • End-user Experience
  • Case Study from a Recent Virtual EHR Implementation
  • Tips for a Virtual EHR Support

    Let’s Start a Conversation

    EHR go-lives will never be the same

    Evaluate and refine your EHR support resources

    Reduce go-live support expenses up to 30%

    Improve the At-the-Elbow (ATE) support experience

    How do we satisfy the needs of end-users?

    ReMedi’s Virtual Command Center is designed to provide fast and effective EHR support on-demand. Our knowledgeable support resources connect with clinicians seamlessly, and the Virtual Command Center model we built escalates and resolves EHR issues quickly.

    • We house our virtual support experts at our modern Virtual Command Center in Houston, TX, focusing on safety and efficiency
    • Using strategically placed tablets located in each room at clinics, ReMedi virtual support is visible and available on-demand
    • ReMedi support views the EHR system exactly how the clinician sees it to quickly diagnose the problem utilizing the ReMedi Support App

    Not just another IT help desk

    Our team developed the Virtual Command Center Model to improve the At-the-Elbow support experience for healthcare providers, not just replicate the traditional IT help desk model. As former healthcare providers, we built a sustainable solution that improves IT support for the entire healthcare industry.

    • Virtual Command Center that generates real-time analytics for hospital leadership
    • On-demand, reliable EHR support
    • Continuous remote desktop access

    What would a CIO want to know?

    Up to 30% cost reduction; eliminate hotels, airfare, per diem, and high-number of ATEs on site

    Remote virtual support and centralized chain of command: problems are quickly addressed and solved

    One skilled ReMedi virtual support seamlessly supports up to 10 clinicians remotely

    Our Virtual Command Center uses tools that are HIPAA compliant

    Inquire with our team today to learn more about virtual EHR services!

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