Custom Health IT Solutions for Performance Optimization

The ultimate success of a new healthcare IT platform is a direct result of how comfortable the endusers are with the system. ReMedi Health Solutions’ team of Physician Executives and EHR Consultants find that many traditional methodologies don’t engage providers in a meaningful way, and fail to help them understand how the technology can make an impact on their specific clinical practice.

We think beyond basic functionality and designs for providers so that organizations can rest assured that their IT investment was well spent. By developing strong training programs based on current state versus future state workflows that enable clinicians to feel the technology is personalized for them, healthcare systems avoid the negative performance that often occurs during large-scale IT deployments and instead attain stability.

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  • ReMedi has experienced CMIOs, CNIO, and implementation leaders that can assist an organization towards a successful implementation.
  • Our expertise guides stakeholders in making best practice decisions for the design, build, testing, and training of the EHR.
  • Ensuring key clinical stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process and empowered with a solid technical understanding.
  • Senior leadership involvement and support ensuring implementations stay on track.
  • Helping organizations design a solid communication plan to keep the organization aware and engaged throughout changes and updates.

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    Physician Engagement

    Pre-implementation techniques cater to leadership programs for each department, specialty, & provider. We focus on education, strategy, and support resulting in positive outcomes for health systems.

    EHR System Optimization

    Our deep clinical experience provides for an empathetic and highly effective EHR optimization process. We collaborate directly with clients using our physician-led approach.

    Best Practices & Data Quality

    Cleaning patient records, removing redundant data, training staff, & workflow documentation are core to our data migration strategy. We ensure clinical resources do not waste time on data entry.

    A System-Wide Approach

    • Increasing physician engagement through enhanced workflows and training to optimize their tools and systems
    • Making informed decisions on current state processes in order to improve future state processes
    • Improving intra and inter-departmental workflows provider performance using a Physician Efficiency Profile
    • Physician Buy-In + Physician Adoption = Physician Satisfaction

    Our Approach to EHR Implementation
    The ReMedi Physician Experience

    Advisory Services

    Governance, CMIOs/ Physician Executives, Clinical Aspect of Revenue Cycle, Change/Transformational Management, Physician Adoption.

    Data Migration

    EHR is leading cause of Physician burnout, and data migration prevents extra time spent on administrative tasks. Our process speeds up clinical workflows instead of slowing them down.

    Peer-to-Peer Support

    Effective support during Go-Live increases provider usability and acceptance across the organization.

    Specialty-specific Workflow Training

    Providers are engaged in specialized one-on-one training with ReMedi physicians.