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Physician Efficiency Solutions

The impact of Physician Burnout as a result of poor EHR usage is detrimental to healthcare. The result is increased medical errors, lower patient satisfaction scores, lower quality of care, and higher costs across the healthcare setting. Overall, the more efficient physician can become, the better the outcomes are for all.

At ReMedi, we’ve focus on the EHR as a potential contributor to physician satisfaction.  Mainly, the EHR hinders provider performance through poor usability, time-consuming data entry, interfering with patient engagement, and interoperability challenges. Our team of experienced Physician Informaticists work one-on-one with healthcare providers to increase EHR satisfaction. Read on to learn more about our approach on achieving greater physician efficiency.

Meet Our Leading Physician Executives

ReMedi’s leaders are pioneers in the EHR Personalization landscape. Having trained physicians at the nation’s largest health systems,
we’ve developed the ultimate approach maximize user satisfaction and adoption of the EHR.

Sonny Hyare, MD

Sonny is a seasoned physician executive with over 15 years of health IT expertise. He has held positions as Medical Director and Physician Executive for some of the nation’s largest health systems.

Rajeeb Khatua, MD

Rajeeb is an established physician executive leader with over 15 years of experience in Healthcare IT. He served as System Chief Medical Information Officer between 2016 to 2020 for the largest public health system in the country.

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  • Education, training, and content for providers and staff to increase engagement and enhance patient care
  • Workflow assessment and optimization to leverage existing EHR functionality to streamline workflow and reduce care variation, and governance structure and management
  • Optimize existing EHR and other clinical HIT systems to enhance clinical documentation, streamline and increase financial performance (payer reimbursement)

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    EHR Goals.


    We leverage assessment findings and prioritize optimization options within existing governance structure aligning with broader HIT initiatives.

    “Quick Wins”

    Our team identifies opportunities that can be implemented quickly. We deploy build analysts to focus on these configuration options prior to starting Physician Efficiency Sessions.

    Develop Plans for Longer
    Term Optimizations

    ReMedi identifies and builds out clinic optimization opportunities that can be completed prior to Physician Efficiency Sessions. We develop timelines and work plans for longer-term build optimization opportunities.

    An Optimized Approach to Physician Efficiency

    Enhance EHR workflows. Categorize and route specific InBasket messages (e.g., Rx refill requests) more efficiently.

    • 33% Reduction in total physician hours spent on Rx refills
    • 30–60 minutes Times saved each day, due to new workflows

    Revamp EHR training with a focus on 1:1 individual physician efficiency optimization sessions.

    • 94% Providers saved time throughout their days, as a result of the 1:1 physician efficiency session
    • 75% Providers reported noticeably or significantly improved EHR use and efficiency

    Improving Efficiency and Decreasing Burnout.

    • Optimizing 10 physicians to save 3 min/patient per day results in an additional 60 minutes if they see 20 patients a day. Adding an additional visit with an assumption of $112 leads to a $230,000 in revenue.
    • Preventing burnout can save on costs to replace a primary care physician that can range between $500k to $1M. Reducing after hours documentation, improving proficiency and increasing efficiency can have a major impact on reducing physician burnout. Multiple reports point to EHR documentation requirements as a driver of burnout.

    Decrease total time documenting to prevent burnout and see more patients.

    • 3 min/patient Average time saved documenting after personalization session improved provider proficiency
    • 15% Reduction in total time in the EHR per day, generating 500-700 hours per week of freed up capacity

    Create and teach providers how to use custom SmartPhrase templates via speed buttons.

    • 25% Reduction in surgeon hours spent on post-op documentation
    • 30 minutes Time saved per day in documentation efficiencies, per office location

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    The Anatomy of a Physician Efficiency Session

    On average, providers who report high personalization have Net EHR Experience scores more than 30 points higher than those who don’t.

    Peer-based Approach

    Physicians are shadowed by physician informaticists that provide recommendations on how to improve their EHR-based clinical workflows and processes.

    Advanced Learning

    Physician informaticist has at least one hour of uninterrupted and dedicated one-on-one time with the provider to provide EHR-based efficiency updates.

    Practice-wide Improvements

    Physician informaticist shadows the clinic staff (i.e., nurses, medical assistants, nurse practitioners) and administrative staff (i.e., front desk staff) and provides recommendations on how to improve their EHR-based clinical workflows and processes.