Integration & Testing Solutions

Before any EHR installation, the organization and EHR must be in sync with one another. The EHR must complete a thorough testing process.

The most important item to address before installing any EHR is patient safety. The health organization must meet all proper standards and protocols before moving forward with the EHR Implementation. ReMedi has a proven process to make sure all of these measures are assembled and tested, ensuring patient safety.

ReMedi Health Solutions leverages its years of clinical knowledge to address all proper Integration & Testing in any given medical environment. ReMedi rigorously tests each component of the EHR, addressing and correcting all issues before implementation.

The EHR System and the Health Organization need to work flawlessly together. Each department needs to sync, including third parties. ReMedi’s advanced clinical knowledge allows us to know the detailed workflows throughout an organization. ReMedi prides ourselves on our meticulous process to ensure that all interfaces work seamlessly throughout the organization.

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    Data Matters

    Establishing reliable and quality data is the highest priority for patient safety. This discrete data plays a significant role in the business side of healthcare in addition to patient care. Reimbursement models revolve around quality patient data, ensuring an organization’s stability post-implementation.

    The ReMedi team helps decipher which data is pertinent and relevant for successful conversion. This process is fundamental in understanding the methodology behind data conversion. This data has a direct correlation with functionality and decision making in choosing the correct EHR system.

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    No matter your current interface module, ReMedi can enhance or redesign the system, depending on your requirements. We design the interfaces, plan mapping, and data translation, ensuring the integrity of your data. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can optimize your healthcare system.

    The ReMedi Standard

    ReMedi has the resources and clinical knowledge to ensure a smooth transition of existing interfaces to and from the EHR. Our deep experience allows the focus to remain on the new implementation and alleviates stress on current staff, resulting in a cost-effective approach.

    • Clinical Expertise
    • Best Practices
    • Years of Experience
    • Proven track record