Go-Live Support

Client involvement and collaboration are the keys to success. ​Communication with staff, managing schedules, and maintaining a positive environment all contribute to optimal productivity and efficiency.

ReMedi Health Solutions utilizes decades of Healthcare IT Consulting Staffing knowledge and partnerships to provide the most reliable employees to accomplish project goals. ​ReMedi Health Solutions strictly uses the most skilled talent across all levels of EHR to achieve success. ​Our team works directly with your team to assess the skill sets of our consultants and provide the best activation support possible.

The Go-Live Process: Beginning to End

ReMedi’s network provides an active group of qualified and proven EHR consultants screened through a technical recruiter. ReMedi’s core team of professionals all have the following traits: excellent communication skills, professionalism, operational knowledge of workflow and patient care, ability to handle complex questions, ability to identify and report technical and training issues, experience working in a collective group with seamless integration, and strong references from previous projects. ​Our consultants are certified and credentialed and have extensive proficiency with the EHR software and workflows.

  • Validation of engagement framework
  • Chart Development
  • Review Project Plan​
  • Review of Resource Plans
  • Finalization of Resource Plans​
  • Development of resource requirements ​
  • Detention of KPIs and Tracking Process ​
  • On-boarding and orientation agenda and logistics​
  • Configuration of scheduling ​
  • Communication Protocols

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  • Key processes and requirements when screening EHR candidates
  • Identifying candidates that can alleviate Change Management issues and support healthcare executive agendas
  • How to reduce clinician burden with EHR consultants
  • EHR optimization efforts
  • Reporting & Analytics

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    Our Commitment to Your Success

    Throughout the EHR Go-Live Support Services Process in Texas, our leadership will meet with your leadership team to asses the progress of Go-Live Support Services EHR Implementation, which includes reviewing all phases in detail. We review reports and make recommendations on which areas of the hospital need more focus, and provide those particular users internal EHR Training. One week before the end of Go-Live Support, we distribute a survey to all end users of the EHR, and review the results collaboratively in the close-out meeting.

    ReMedi Health Solutions Go-Live Support

    • Management​
    • Team coordination and management​
    • Client Relationship Management​​
    • Team Status Reporting​
    • Quality Reporting​
    • Financial Reporting ​
    • Resource finish process ​
    • Full-time equivalent conversion process ​
    • Resource close-out reporting