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Press Release: The Virtual Command Center

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ReMedi Health Solutions Launches Virtual EHR Command Center for Healthcare Industry Amid the Pandemic

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ReMedi Health Solutions, an innovative healthcare IT advisory firm based in Houston, Texas, announced that it completed a virtual Cerner Go-Live across 23 locations at a health system in the Northeast. Due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals delayed new EHR initiatives and in response, ReMedi launched a modernized Virtual Command Center to support its hospital partners with EHR implementations.

ReMedi Health Solutions executive leadership, comprised of experienced Physician Executives and EHR Informaticists, conceptualized a remote virtual EHR support model that not only economized overall hospital IT expenditures by up to 30%, but also reduced friction caused by an EHR implementation for its end-users.

ReMedi’s technology stack provides a seamless method to train and support healthcare providers with EHR issues. The new approach to at-the-elbow support enables ReMedi’s team to cultivate and nurture face-to-face relationships via video and remote desktop viewing, while also building trust throughout the Go-Live by triaging issues quickly from the Virtual Command Center. The Command Center leadership troubleshoots issues across dozens of clinics within minutes and disseminates vital information to the virtual support team in real-time, ensuring that end-users receive effective on-demand support.

Utilizing real-time analytics, hospital leadership visualizes the adoption of the virtual support model within each clinic and focuses its attention on the locations needing the most assistance. If several clinics experience the same issue, the Virtual Command Center identifies the problem immediately, collaborates amongst support personnel to find a resolution, and avoids work redundancies. Overall, the virtual model seamlessly connects hospital staff with empathetic and knowledgeable support personnel, and resolves EHR related issues quickly and effectively.

Within the Virtual Command Center, ReMedi Health Solutions takes strict precaution to ensure the safety of its remote support team. ReMedi installed thermal scanners for daily temperature checks, provides PPE, sanitizers, wipes, and remains dedicated to deep cleaning the entire office on a regular basis. The company’s strict adherence to CDC protocols ensured that no cases of COVID-19 were reported from the Virtual Command Center throughout the duration of its projects during the pandemic. The local team of essential workers proudly supports frontline healthcare workers with the implementation, optimization, and training of new EHR systems.

“We knew we would have to rise to the occasion for our hospital partners,” said Sonny Hyare, MD, Chief Executive Officer at ReMedi, “The Virtual Command Center we’ve built is the most essential support system that hospitals need for their EHR infrastructure at the moment, and it will continue to provide tremendous value for hospitals in the future.”

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