Best practices for improving
patient care through
clinical chart abstraction

Discover the inner workings of a quality clinical data abstraction process with insights and case examples from experienced clinical informaticists.

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Improve Patient Data,
Improve Patient Care

We prepared this white paper for health systems that want to understand how they can optimize patient data using the EHR. Both pre and post-implementation, it’s never too late to improve the delivery of care with better health data. In this white paper we cover:

  • Why a clinical data team matters in chart abstraction
  • ReMedi’s clinical approach to patient data
  • How we train clinical analysts
  • Our process of collaborating with health systems to improve data
  • Catering to the needs of each specialty and provider
  • Case study examples and outcomes of successful chart abstraction

    Take the next step to optimizing clinical documentation and patient data

    Group 1900

    Clinical data team + health system collaboration


    Save providers time and increase patient volumes

    Group 1902

    Improve clinician satisfaction and reduce burden

    What's covered in the Chart Abstraction White Paper?

    ReMedi’s clinical informatics leaders compiled this in-depth chart abstraction white paper based on their decades of experience working with EHRs. This free downloadable PDF is filled with critical insights about patient data and chart prep that every healthcare leader needs to know. The free resource on chart abstraction was created with the combined expertise from:

    • Sarah Bavar, RN – Director
    • Rajeeb Khatua, MD – Chief Operating Officer
    • Jenn Hamilton, MHA, RN, CPHIMS – VP of Clinical Informatics
    • Carola Quintero Perrin, MD – Director
    Chart Abstraction White Paper Graphic

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