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ReMedi Health Solutions isn’t just part of the digital transformation for healthcare. We’re invested in making it easier for hospitals and professionals to adjust to the modernization of healthcare technology. Our physician-led approach has made us privy to the specific problems EHR systems have on clinical workflows. As a result, we’ve recognized the power that ServiceNow holds for healthcare.

Healthcare institutions have been and continue to undergo a major digital transformation. And with that, there have been some dramatic interruptions and inefficiencies in clinical and internal workflows. This could be due to outages and problems faced with interoperability where clinicians use other forms of records to save time. It is also reported that gaining access to information from siloed operations is time-consuming and tedious. To make up for any lack of integration, clinicians resort to using communication methods like written, text, phone, and using interoffice envelopes.

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    How Can ServiceNow impact your healthcare organization?

    ServiceNow is an EHR integrated workflow management software that is engineered to help healthcare institutions in many ways.

    EHR Help Button

    The ‘EHR help button’ seamlessly allows clinicians to request assistance or report a problem. Physicians who use ServiceNow have reported a reduction of unreported issues and help desk calls and an increase in satisfaction among physicians because they’re able to report more issues.

    Improved Clinical Workflows

    ServiceNow improves communication and collaboration between clinicians to provide better patient care. This makes the entire experience more seamless for the patient and efficient for healthcare professionals.

    Patient Care Focus

    To provide patients with quick access to information, ServiceNow has a portal that integrates several systems into one. This allows service representatives to answer questions easily and efficiently and creates loyalty between patient and hospital.