Physician Efficiency
Sessions Case Study

This case study is crafted for health systems that are currently implementing or operating Epic as its main EHR system, and ones that have implemented other EHRs and are interested in physician efficiency programs. Download the case study today and learn more about following:

  • The impact from conducting Physician Efficiency Sessions using Physician Informaticists and a peer-based approach
  • Key activities when conducting an efficiency session
  • Leveraging real-time analytics for strategic resource planning
  • Implementing the use of data dashboards to visualize adoption practices
  • Key statistics and results from a comprehensive physician efficiency program

    Uncover the Impact of Physician Efficiency Sessions

    Approach to Peer-Based Efficiency Sessions

    Major Outcomes and End-User Feedback

    Tools and Techniques Updated in Each Session

    What's covered in the Case Study?

    ReMedi’s Chief Operating Officer, Rajeeb Khatua, MD compiled this in-depth case study based on his decades of experience leading health systems and implementing Epic. The case study is filled with tidbits of insight that every healthcare leader using Epic ought to know.

    • How Physician Efficiency Sessions work
    • What are the main outcomes from high performing physicians
    • Which skills, tips, and tricks move the needle on Epic
    • Why does efficiency matter to healthcare leaders