Strategic Healthcare IT & EHR/EMR Staffing Services

Skilled staff and key personnel is a major success factor in achieving health IT & EHR adoption and clinician satisfaction across a health system. From super-user programs, curriculum development, and project management, to build analysis, data migration, and optimization – it takes a knowledgeable team to achieve system wide acceptance and adoption of the EHR. In addition to EHR implementation services, key personnel can impact more strategic roles, including executive, director level, and other interim positions while internal recruiting teams search for a permanent candidate. 

At ReMedi, we leverage a clinical approach to healthcare recruiting. We utilize a talented group of former clinicians and EHR analysts with in-depth clinical knowledge that enables the procurement of the optimal candidates for specific EHR related roles within health systems of all sizes.

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Schedule a Strategic Meeting with our Healthcare IT Recruitment Team

Our clinical recruiting team is comprised of friendly and knowledgeable healthcare experts that have know how to overcome staffing challenges. Schedule a call with our team today to learn more about our strategic resourcing services:

  • Key processes and requirements when screening EHR candidates
  • Identifying candidates that can alleviate Change Management issues and support healthcare executive agendas
  • How to reduce clinician burden with EHR consultants
  • EHR optimization efforts
  • Reporting & Analytics

    Meet Our Healthcare IT Recruiting Leads

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    Director Of Strategic Resourcing

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    Marilee Kwon

    Director Of Human Resources

    Schedule a call with our strategic healthcare staffing team today and learn how we can help you attract and retain top talent.

    Our clinical expertise helps you build a workforce that aligns with your health system's goals and objectives.

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    Skilled & Experienced Talent

    ReMedi’s talent pool is full of experienced and knowledgable EHR experts. Our consultants are highly vetted, certified, and prepared to provide an immediate impact at our partner health systems. We guarantee candidate quality and have procedures built in to our processes immediately rectify any issues with our consultants.

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    Deep Clinical Expertise

    Our entire recruitment process is led and managed by MDs and RNs, and EHR analysts that have clinical workflow experience. This deep understanding of healthcare gives our team the ability to quickly and accurately identify the best candidates, ensuring each position is filled with a trusted professional.

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    Trusted by Leading Health Systems

    ReMedi recruits for the nation’s leading health systems and has placed talented candidates in a wide variety of EHR roles. We maintain healthy and productive, long-lasting relationships with our clients which leads to positive outcomes at the staff level.

    A Clinical Approach to Healthcare Staffing

    • Identifying key qualifications: in our clinical approach, carefully evaluate candidates to ensure that they have the necessary qualifications and experience to be successful in the role.
    • Assessing fit: we ensure that the candidate will fit in with the culture and values of the organization.
    • Evaluating potential with a clinical mindset: A clinical approach involves evaluating a candidate’s potential to grow and develop within the organization.
    • Interviewing candidates: After the initial screening, the next step is to conduct in-person or video interviews with the top candidates.
    • Checking references: Before making a final hiring decision, we check references for the top candidates to get a sense of their work history and performance.

    Client Testimonial

    “I would 100% recommend ReMedi to other health systems. They provide a personalized approach that tailors the work to the specific needs of the organization. They are incredibly responsive, providing answers and solutions quickly. They understand the goals of your organization and ensure that the work that they provide is aligned with the organization’s needs.”

    Dr. Brian Patel
    Chief Medical Officer
    Sturdy Memorial

    How our Clinical Approach to Staffing Makes an Impact

    Strategic staffing is the process of aligning an organization’s staffing needs with its overall goals and objectives. In the healthcare industry, strategic staffing is especially important because of the critical role that staff play in providing high-quality care to patients.


    Patient Safety & Satisfaction

    Proper staffing levels are essential for ensuring patient safety. Having the right number and mix of clinical and administrative employees can help to reduce the risk of errors and accidents, and can improve the overall quality of care.


    Workforce Productivity

    Strategic healthcare resourcing can help to ensure that the workforce is used efficiently and effectively, leading to higher levels of productivity. This can help to reduce costs and improve the overall efficiency of the organization.


    Talent Retention

    Strategic project resourcing can help to attract and retain top talent by offering highly specialized and strategic opportunities to experienced and skilled candidates. This helps reduce turnover and improves the overall stability of the workforce and long-term project success.