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Physician Performance Case Study

Remedi helped a specialized clinic serve 33 more patients in 4 weeks.

Three ReMedi EHR Physician resources were provided to support 22 Physicians and a mid-level provider across four specialties in a high volume clinic. ReMedi designed custom EHR training solutions to optimize clinical workflows, evidence-based content, financial performance, and patient experience. Our goals included:

Improving physician satisfaction and engagement
Optimizing financial performance
Enhancing intra and inter-departmental workflows
Enabling physicians to easily and accurately document patient conditions
Evaluating and improving reporting capabilities
EHR Doctors providing support in a group setting

Remedi’s EHR training and support increased our client's patient volume.

Individual Sessions
Providers were engaged in specialized one-on-one training, in conjunction with formal classroom training sessions.
Providers were guided through the development of preference lists and custom order set defaults within the system.
Small Group Training
Super users were trained while clinician team members shadowed for additional user support.
Post Go-Live Support
Immediate support after the Go-Live increased provider usability and acceptance across the organization.
ReMedi Physicians
specializing in EHR with a clinician's perspective
Total ReMedi Peer-to-peer training hours
176 %
Increase in patient efficiency between weeks 1 and 4 after EHR Go-Live
More weekly patients served after 4 weeks of ReMedi EHR Training

The evidence presents a linear relationship between Peer to Peer support and improved patient volume. Clinicians that spent time with ReMedi training and using EHR support ultimately increased the number of patients served. Overall, the performance of each group of Clinicians improved significantly and our client was thrilled with the improvements in productivity and physician satisfaction.

Each group increased patient volume in just 4 weeks of training:

Acute Care Physician’s Assistants 36% more patients served
Acute Care Surgeons 29% more patients served
Endocrinology Surgeons 26% more patients served
Vascular Surgeons 21% more patients served
General Surgeons 6% more patients served

Comprehensive EHR Performance Results

Physicians Leading Clinical
Change Management

ReMedi Health Solutions is a National Healthcare IT Consulting Firm in Texas led by experienced physicians. Our expertise lies in the EHR Implementation and EHR Training of the top EHR Vendors. We also specialize in EHR System Selection Advisory, EHR Optimization, EHR Integration and Testing, EHR Go-Live Support, and revenue enhancement, among other service lines. We’ve achieved a track record of excellence working with the nation’s top healthcare providers. We’re here to help you develop a smarter approach to solving your Healthcare IT challenges.