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Centricity is a brand of Healthcare IT Software Systems from GE Healthcare, a division of General Electric. It includes Software for independent physician practices, academic medical centers, hospitals and large integrated delivery networks. The various modules perform Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Electronic Medical Records, Medical Imaging, and other functions.

Centricity was introduced in 2003 with two applications, Centricity EMR and Centricity Physician Office – Practice Management. The products were acquired by what was then GE Medical Systems in 2000 and 2003 respectively and released future versions of both products under the Centricity name. Additional products were added to the Centricity brand, such as Centricity Perinatal, Centricity Perioperative.

Centricity Implementation

The Centricity implementation process relies heavily on having the right people guiding an organization’s team in order to ensure success. ReMedi provides knowledge, experience, clinical leadership and a proven track record of success. ReMedi works hand in hand with an organization to make sure the Centricity implementation is smooth and seamless.

ReMedi Health Solutions has helped with Centricity implementations across the United States. The ReMedi team has countless years of experience with Allscripts application modules, workflows, and interfaces. The ReMedi team will help plan, design and execute your organizations Centricity implementation at all levels.


The ReMedi Team has experience with:

Revenue Cycle Management
Ambulatory Practice Solutions
Workforce Management Software
Advanced Payer Connectivity

Physicians Leading Clinical
Change Management

ReMedi Health Solutions is a National Healthcare IT Consulting Firm in Texas led by experienced physicians. Our expertise lies in the EHR Implementation and EHR Training of the top EHR Vendors. We also specialize in EHR System Selection Advisory, EHR Optimization, EHR Integration and Testing, EHR Go-Live Support, and revenue enhancement, among other service lines. We’ve achieved a track record of excellence working with the nation’s Top Healthcare providers. We’re here to help you develop a smarter approach to solving your Healthcare IT Consulting Firms challenges.

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